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Stellar, Record Year for Nevada SPCA Animal Rescue!

Thank you very much for unprecedented participation with adoptions, donations, fostering, and volunteering!

The summary below is some of Nevada SPCA's lifesaving work for animals in 2016, made possible solely because of you and others who are compassionate and share the truth that every soul is precious.  We do not receive funding from the government or national animal organizations.



The rescues of motherless kittens topped 2,300 by autumn (a 100% increase from last year's record).  More are rescued every day.  Some are only hours, days, or weeks old, and survival depends on the tender, nurturing care of a foster parent willing and able to provide bottle feeding every three hours.  Foster parents open their hearts and their homes to these innocent lives and give them the mother they so desperately need and yearn for.


Amorette in April


Amorette, three months later in July





2016 has also been a record year for rescuing pregnant animals and moms with newborn babies.  Foster parents are the heroes who provide comfortable home environments where rescued animals can birth and/or raise and socialize their babies.


Ella & newborns




Ruth, 20

Thank you for considering souls of every age and letting others know that an older animal has just as much unconditional love and devotion to share. 

Most of the senior animals are rescued from other shelters where they don't qualify for adoption or from situations where their previous owners passed away or went into hospice care or nursing homes.


Betty Boop, 15



Each of these endeavors was unique and made possible thanks to enormous foster, donor, and volunteer support.


Louie is 1 of 24 chinchillas we rescued from a breeder.  Some were in severely neglected condition and missing limbs.  All have since healed and been adopted.


Jade is 1 of 33 Whippet mixes saved in the nick of time after their previous owners were convicted of animal cruelty.  "Diamonds Taking Shape" is a video about their rescue and journey to socialization and adoptions.  Please click here if you would like to watch Diamonds Taking Shape.


Fellini is 1 of 181 animals rescued by Nevada SPCA after they were confiscated from an animal center.  Besides cats, dogs, and rabbits, the rescued species included pheasants, hedgehogs, sugar gliders, turtles, iguanas, chickens, and more.


First arrival of "Blond Angels" in the spring.


Drake is 1 of the 35 Blond Angels rescued from previous owners convicted of animal cruelty.  All but one were gold, cream, and white -- blends of Yellow Labrador and White Shepherd -- resulting in their blond nickname designation.  Two moms were rescued with their newborns and others were pregnant.  (All have been adopted except for Faith, who continues improving, slowly but surely, and we'll never give up on her.)




Spencer & Tiger

Honoring the lifelong bonds of animals with spiritual connections is vital to proper rescue and the animals' physical and emotional well-being.  It takes longer, usually, to adopt bonded and paired animals, so thank you for sharing these animals' pictures and posts to help find them heroes.

Imagine the fear and confusion of arriving at a shelter without a suitcase, belongings, or any understanding of what is happening.  For bonded animals, the only thing they arrive with in the entire world is each other. 


Brick & Maggie


Thank you again for a record year of animal rescue work at Nevada SPCA No-Kill Animal Shelter!  To help share social media posts and receive events announcements and more, please follow Nevada SPCA on Twitter and Blogger.  Nevada SPCA is also on Facebook (but only with adoption and foster home posts).

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