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Foster homes for motherless baby animals needed!

annikittyfosterjuly144 rescued motherless kittens urgently need loving, nurturing foster care.

Please visit Nevada SPCA (4800 W. Dewey Drive, Las Vegas) before 4pm and ask for Lonnie if you can help any of the babies.

More information on fostering.

Please help us find heroes.  Thank you.

Additional ways to help include: making an online donation, texting SPCA to 68494 with a donation of your choice, or purchasing Amazon Wish List rescue supply items.

Thank you!

[Anni, pictured here, and her three siblings were found abandoned near a music store dumpster.]

Nevada Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals (Nevada SPCA) No-Kill Animal Shelter & Sanctuary
4800 W. Dewey Drive, Las Vegas, NV  89118  702-873-SPCA (7722)