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Can I adopt an animal to give as a gift to someone else?

Adoption is forever.  We do not believe one person can (or should) try to make a lifelong decision for another adult, so "gifting" of animals is not allowed.

The exception is when the adult receiving the animal as a gift accompanies you, is properly screened for the adoption, and completes the adoption contract.  In other words, you can pay the adoption fee, but the animal's new owner/caretaker will fulfill all other adoption requirements so to best ensure the animal is going into a loving, forever home.

How long does an adoption take?

Each adoption varies.  We trust you understand that we never want to do a rushed adoption, since a life is at stake, so please arrive at Nevada SPCA at least one hour prior to the close of adoptions. 

Can residents outside of southern Nevada adopt from Nevada SPCA?

Yes, Nevada SPCA is a regional shelter.  Though most of our adoptions are to people who live in southern Nevada, we routinely adopt to homeowners who live in Arizona, California, northern Nevada, and Utah.

As with all adoptions, we strictly require the animal is returned to us if the adoption is not successful.  We cannot risk the animals landing in government shelters or on those anonymous web sites where people buy and trade furniture and other property.

Please note that all adoptions must be made in person. 

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