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ThelmaUnderstanding And Patient Hero Needed To Put Past Abuse Behind Me! (female - 6yrs)

Hello everyone, my name is Thelma and I am in need of a hero to mend my broken heart. 

I suffer from past abuse and trauma of somekind, possibly by the hands of men, as I am much more comfortable in the presence of females. The emotional scars of the past tend to rear their ugly head at random times when I am being pet. I can seemingly be content but then will feel threatened and will act out by nipping/biting out of fear. 

With that being said I have made great strides from where I started and with the right home setting with an experienced and patient human the staff has complete faith that I can continue to improve.

For the betterment of all involved it would be imperative for me to be in an ADULT-ONLY environment and possibly the only animal just to be on the safe side.

Please be the one to put my heart and mind at ease and adopt me today!

(female - 6yrs - rottweiler/shepherd mix)

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