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Special needs animal

Tinkerbell & Rocky

Tinkerbell & RockySoulmates Want To Go Home With You Today! (female -10yrs, male - 11yrs)

Salutations kind and caring people! My name is Tinkerbell (left) and this is the love of my life, Rocky (right)!

We are too sweet lovebirds that came to be at the Nevada SPCA when our beloved person passed away. We are doing our best to adjust but as anyone can imagine, we need some time to feel safe with new people.

Rocky is my hero and is always looking out for me and when he feels nervous or scared his defense mechanism can be to nip. He just wants whats best for me and us and we know the right person out there will scoop us both up and welcome us into their home and heart.

We have done well with other little doggies here so please feel free to bring down any existing furry family members you have to meet us in person!

We would love a calm and peaceful home to lay our heads at night so it would be best that any children in the home be very mature and much older.

Put our hearts at ease and adopt us today!

(female - 10yrs - blk/white chihuahuah mix)

(male - 11yrs - tan/whithe chihuahuah mix)

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