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RudolfoHero Needed So I Can Get Back To Tip Top Shape! (male - 3yrs)

Hello everyone, my name is Rudolfo and I am just a bundle of energy! That normally wouldn't be all together bad but right now I have a strained ligament in my rear left leg and I just can't seem to recoup because I keep jumping around causing it to be reinjured.

Here's the good news:  the doctor said it would heal and not continue to be an issue if I was able to not put so much stress on it. Walking is still ok and advised but extra activity is a definite no-no for now.

THAT'S WHERE YOU COME IN... right now left to my own devices inside my kennel there is just no way to manage my excitability. I really need constant supervision in a calm environment and that is why the staff  is calling for a good samaritan to take me under their wing.

They even said I was eligible for a possible Foster-To-Adopt option, that way if you know that you could only help me out even just temporarily it would be a HUGE help on my road to recovery. If you are EXPERIENCED with my breed and have the time and ability to help me please come down and meet me in person and speak with the staff directly or contact them by phone at 702-873-SPCA

All I want for the holidays is to be back to my normal healthy self! Santa please send me an angel!

(male - 3yrs - german shepherd)

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