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Ben & Jerry

Ben & JerryWho Wants to Kick Back and Relax With These Two Stud Muffins? (males - 8 months)

Hey there! My name is Ben (right) and this is my main bro Jerry (left)! We act like we are joined at the hip - you might even call us Siamese Twins.

We LOVE to do everything together and would be over the moon to be adopted as a pair. We came to the shelter when our previous human passed away and we can't imagine being separated. 

We're big on play; chasing small toys around but we are also always up for a cuddle session on the couch with a pint of Cherry Garcia.

Make our dream come true and adopt us both today!

(male - 8 months - seal point siamese)

(male - 8 months - tuxedo shorthair)

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